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Why a Ring?
Few things symbolize team or personal achievement like a ring. It's a powerful motivation to people who are already well compensated. Rings have become the Emmy and Oscar of the sports and business worlds. Receiving a ring will earn the recipient respect and praise from their peers and community and it also generates excitement while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Rings are easily customized and updated. And, as the value of the ring to the recipient increases, the cost of your program decreases.

The Importance of Symbolic Recognition
You've heard it before, "People are your greatest assets". Now is the time to invest in those assets. Taking care of employees is a key component to overall business success.

More than anything, it's a positive attitude that contributes to high productivity and peak performance. Brian Tracy, motivational speaker and author, lends support to this concept when he talks about the "80/20" rule. He believes that eighty percent of a person's success will be determined by their attitude and only 20 percent by their aptitude.

It is more about what you do, than what you say. Individuals want a rich and rewarding work experience and want to be recognized for a job well done. True recognition is an intangible concept and therefore cannot be found within a microwave or a flat panel television. Recognition touches the heart and feeds the soul. It is long term, it is "honor" oriented, it is the ultimate motivator and it breeds success for the entire organization. A ring serves as the symbolic reminder of the efforts being rewarded.

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